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Kelly and Ty Tie the Knot!

Kelly and Ty literally had the perfect September wedding – they took advantage of the rich colors of fall which resulted in amazing flowers and centerpieces! 

They got hitched over at Siena in their gorgeous chapel, then the party started over at Old Daley at Crooked Lake! 

(Special thanks to Keith Hitlin Photography for the shots!)



The flowers steal the show in this blog post – so enjoy! 








Reception details at Crooked Lake, such a stunning atmosphere when you have a mix of high and low centerpieces to catch your guests’ eyes! 






And to the newlyweds – thank you for having us and we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did decorating! 


Kristin and Travis Tie the Knot!

I think as the wedding season starts to die down a little over here, it’s an absolute blast to be able to look back and see some of the fun weddings that we did over the summer – and this one is no exception. Kristin was an amazing bride to work with, and we absolutely had a blast with her in trying to create a one of a kind day for a one of a kind couple!

With the wedding being especially meaningful for her, from her dad kicking cancer’s butt so he can walk her down the aisle to creating stunning floral designs, it’s one for the books.

Thank you to the Krikorians and the Winglosky’s for letting us be a part of this amazing day, and hope you are still enjoying your newlywed bliss!

Picture credits are to Michael Gallitelli, thank you!

Life of the Party Details and Design custom invite


Bridal gorgeousness – creams and whites with hints of bling!



The stunning Kristin and her bridal party! (How amazing is her dress?!)


The head table! Glen Sanders was completely transformed into a dream for Kristin and Travis!



flower towers





…to the Winglosky’s! PWM wishes you many many years of happiness!

bride and groom

Tina and Kevin Celebrate at 90 State!

Tina kicked things off with this stunning picture while getting ready! Her flowers match her grandmother’s picture in the back almost perfectly! Such a wonderful generational picture!

Tina & Kevin-113

The happy couple!

Tina & Kevin-119

Tina & Kevin-343

Programs for the ceremony were made by our number one girl, Brittany at Life of the Party Details and Design – the ribbons even had their names and date on it! Every detail is so special!

Tina & Kevin-129

Tina & Kevin-130

Woo hoo! Their ceremony was in the middle of the soon to be dance floor. They wanted to keep things simple and pretty, we lined the aisles with candles and carnation balls weaved with different types of purple ribbons to incorporate their colors.

Tina & Kevin-546

The centerpieces! Purple lilacs were in tall trumpet vases topped off with stunning florals!

Tina & Kevin-557 

Tina & Kevin-559

Tina & Kevin-560

Tina & Kevin-558

And we’ll end with this – Love love love this shot of State St – it matches the flowers perfectly!

Tina & Kevin-141

Huge thank you to Jeff Foley for the pictures, and congratulations to Tina and Kevin! Thank you for having us!

Brooke and Mike: Saratoga Polo Association

Remember our recent blog about rustic chic? This wedding is the epitome of it!

Brooke and Mike were married outside with simple ceremony details, then went into the tent where they and their guests were greeted with lace, mason jars and roses, burlap and other fun “country” decor!

CLH Images captured amazing pictures of the day, I don’t think I’ve seen more people having a total blast and a bride and groom on such a cloud of happiness!

Congratulations to Brooke and Mike, thank you for having us!

The gorgeous bride to kick things off!

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 3

Picture 1

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 12

Picture 11

Picture 17

Picture 16

Picture 14

Picture 15

Monday’s with Mia: What is the Difference between Rustic and Shabby Chic?

Happy Monday everyone!

While recently meeting with a bride who we are helping to do decor for, we got talking about their amazing venue – Revolution Hall in Troy and the style of wedding that they were going for. That turned into a conversation about rustic versus shabby chic and their differences. What do you think they are?

Rustic is a very natural type of setting. You may want to do it outdoors, or in a barn and tend to stay away from frilly styles. You want to use vintage ideas, and reclaimed wood. In regards to florals, rustic is more of the texture. You have a lot of different types and colors, plus some Spanish moss, vines or non-floral accents.

Shabby chic is definitely a more romantic type of wedding. It’s soft colors with demur details, like lace wrapped mason jars or gorgeous mercury candlesticks filled with soft pink garden roses. Our bride, Kellie, had the perfect shabby chic picture – see her and her bridemaids!?

(Photo credit: the FAB Kevin Demassio Photography)

No matter the wedding style, it results in a perfect day for the bride and groom! Use different styles to mix and match you as a couple!

Monday’s with Mia: Planning a Theme Wedding!

We have had two amazing theme weddings and we LOVED the results! From working with the bride to come up with different types of ideas, to the final product – it was an absolute blast! It’s something that people should do more often! Here are some ideas and thoughts that we had on them!1 – Pick a theme and go with it! If there is something you love, a certain movie or childhood book, or time period, let your decorator know! There is a way to incorporate it into the wedding and they are sure to come up with different ideas. For “bookworms”, there are fun book centerpieces, library card seating arrangements, the possibilities are endless. Work with your decorator to create something that is one of a kind and truly represents you as a couple!

2 – Give your decorator some creative control! The two brides that we worked with recently knew what they wanted, but relied on Maria to deliver. Giving her the creative control really let her to create one of a kind ideas that exceeded what the brides were looking for. From the Pinterest posts to the magic she whipped up, it was a blast to be freely creative and be a part of something unique!

3 – Create a world of magic for your guests – Alice in Wonderland had a touch on everything that Jenna and Derek did, from their invitations that they made with Brittany from Life of the Party, down to the menu’s. It was consistent throughout and gave guests a fun sneak peek at what was in store for them on the wedding night!

As always, a wedding is the most magical time of your life as a couple. Make it unique and fun, just like you are! It’ll be something your guests will keep talking about!

STAY TUNED for Jenna and Derek’s Alice in Wonderland blog as well as Marisa and Dave’s Roaring Twenties blog!

(Sneak peek: here are the centerpieces that we did at 90 State for Marisa and Dave’s #roaringjabour wedding! From feathers and pearls, this one did not disappoint!)



IMG_0302 (1)

Brunilda and Joe Tie the Knot at 90 State!

It may be dreary outside as I write this blog, but Brunilda and Joe’s wedding brings us right back to one of those amazing summer weekends!

All throughout the summer, we were lucky to work with brides that had warm soft colors that resulted in stunning bouquets and reception decor! Add some candles, and you have the romantic 90 State!

Brunlilda and Joe got married right at 90 State, but had several personalized touches! The wagon that brought the flower girls down the aisle was literally too cute for words! Decorated in tulle and flowers made it fancy enough but still adorably cute as it made it’s way down!

Enjoy, and thank you to Dino Petrocelli for the amazing pictures!

Love this shot of the bouquets together!

Brunilda & Joe  0062

The gorgeous bride!

Brunilda & Joe  0431

The wagon!!

Brunilda & Joe  0652

Brunilda & Joe  0660

Let’s Party!!!

Brunilda & Joe  1236

Brunilda & Joe  1240

Brunilda & Joe  1238

Congratulations Brunilda and Joe! Thank you for having us!

Brunilda & Joe  0872

Monday’s with Mia: Finding Some #Pinspiration! 


As we head into our busiest month and reflect on some of the recent weddings that we did, it’s really important to remember how to make the bride’s vision come to life on the big day! 

With each bride, we create a secret Pinterest board of things that she loves. Whether it’s color schemes, centerpieces, bouquets, or seating charts, it really helps to keep everyone on the same page as the planning process keeps moving. Although we may not be able to exactly replicate something, we usually come pretty close with our own Maria-ified version! 

Remember this one?! 

We suggest you utilize Pinterest with any kind of planning, using the “Search” bar, there isn’t any keyword that I have put in without getting results!

 It’s creating a visual vision to help your event planner/decorator help make your special day just as special as you want it! 



Happy Pinning and Planning!!  

Lacey & Mark: Crooked Lake 

I think there is really only one word to describe this wedding; romantic. From the couple to the colors to the decor throughout Crooked Lake, it was pure romance. 

I’ll let the pictures speak for this one, enjoy! 

Photographs are all Ryan Brenizer Photography! 

 Bridesmaids drop off!  
At St. Mary’s Church, flowers lined the aisle with lanterns as everyone walked up!  
 Woo hoo! Now it’s time to party!  
Check out this head table! 


Congratulations Lacey and Mark, thank you for having us! 


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