Let’s get a little Hollywood today and get excited for the fact that the very posh Beckham family have announced they are expecting a girl! Obviously with Victoria being such a fashionista the world will be waiting for her fabulous offspring to give Suri Cruise a run for her money. What really intrigues me is the festivities leading up to the birth, oh and the nursery! Babies are such a joy. (and if you are asking, no my grandson has not made his debut yet, however his due date is TOMORROW! So I will keep you posted on the Facebook fanpage)



I envision an elaborate nursery along these lines, the round crib has always been a favorite of mine!


Now by the time one has their fourth child, a shower is usually out of the question, been there done that. However, this is Hollywood, so of course there will be a shower! If I was to design the elaborate affair to the taste of Mrs. Beckham, I would draw the theme from “This Little Piggy Went to Prada”. Far from Dr.Suess, but an adorable book that would create an amazing event




Filling a pram full of peonies and having guests place cards embedded through out would be a lovely detail.


Since I am not sure that the Beckham’s make their way to the Capital Region, I will archive these thoughts for the time being.