It’s a new year and there are some amazing changes going on over here at Party with Mia! (One being my talented daughter Brittany, has joined our team full time as our in house graphic designer!) However, before we start blogging about 2012, we must catch up on 2011, more specifically some of the spectacular weddings of 2011. It takes a little time to get the photos from the big day back from the photographers, so you can imagine how excited we get when they finally come in!

What better way to get our blogging feet wet again than to start with a family wedding… my daughter Tiffany and new son-in-law George’s nuptials last summer, really were the Party with Mia highlight of the season. It took more staff than I even knew we had, months upon months of shopping and collecting ornate pieces for the tablescapes, meetings with some of my favorites in our industry and basically living in the unused third floor of the Franklin Plaza for the entire month of June. To put it lightly, this wedding was our Superbowl.
With this affair being a major event in the making, taking almost 2 years to plan, we were happy to have some of the best in the industry help us pull off this magical day. The venue was Franklin Plaza, and maybe I am biased but, no one in the Capital Region pulls out the red carpet and shines the fine china like the crew over there. They are beyond top notch and willing to take creativity to the next level. There aren’t enough words to thank them {Joe, Michael, and Greg} for all they did to make this such a “different” experience at a place where Tiffany pretty much grew up, having attending many weddings, parties and even her Senior Prom there. Even more excitement came when we booked our fabulous friend JP and Big Joe on the Photography side. The photos they took are to die for, and that blog! Everywhere I went for weeks after the wedding, people were stopping me saying the saw my daughter’s wedding on the Elario’s blog. Thank you for capturing this day that was a labor of love. Where there is JP, KrisAnn can’t be too far behind, and I can’t thank her and the Fleurtacious team enough for helping me out so I could be Mother of the Bride and the Party with Mia team could attend the wedding. Make Me Fabulous was also on the scene doing everyone’s make up, what a fun bunch they are. Al Woodard and all his charm was the videographer for the day, you must see his reel of the wedding HERE, it is amazing and really makes you feel all the energy and love of George and Tiff’s special day.  The event wouldn’t have been nearly as beautiful with out my   go-to people, Total Events where we got the linens, the stunning tent liner, and the black chivari chairs {Tiffany had to have black!}, Just Ask Rentals for the lighting, the outdoor dance floor, cotton candy and popcorn machines and the MAJOR spotlight we put out in front of the Plaza that light up the sky for miles!, and Rayge Display for all the amazing scenescapes that transformed the reception into the circus of love. We cant forget where it all started… with The Pink Orange’s stunning invitations that have been featured on so many blogs, way to go Rebecca! The beautiful and equally delicious cake pops were by the best around, Double Dips and that glorious cake that had us dying over fresh raspberry filling and chocolate ganache was by Melissa Martuscello of Make Me a Cake.
Since this was a family affair… we can’t forget to thank Brittany, who’s graphic company is being set up now under the name Life of the Party Details and Designs {so look out for her site coming soon!} she did all the table numbers, guest cards, church programs and the signage for the dessert display, she is a very good sister! A “shout out” to the major “sponsor” Big Mike, so 8,000 roses could live the dream, as Tiffany says.  AND last but not least my mom, “Grandma Gladys” for the unbelievable work she did on Tiffany’s dresses. Over 2,000 silk organza roses on her wedding gown alone. Impressive is an understatement. Okay, enough babble I could go on for days! Here are some of the most beautiful moments of the day through photos.

I hope you enjoyed every detail, and all the fun! Looking at these pictures again reminds me of all the countless hours my staff put in to make sure every detail was Party with Mia perfection, I can’t express my gratitude enough.

It was a day beyond all expectations and the best part is, my daughter found her Prince. We couldn’t adore George more. Check back soon as we will be posting other stunning weddings from 2011!