Following last week’s bright posts, I figured we’d keep the color wheel spinning and showcase our latest Bridal Show display.
This display is from Franklin Plaza’s Marriage & Bridal Show, Celebrating Marriage for All which took place at the Plaza on Sunday, February 12, 2012.

We’ve participated in two shows this year and I have to say we have such a great time talking to couples, seeing what they’re interested in and building new relationships! Its also a great opportunity to design new themes and floral concepts without boundaries.

The ombré trend has been in full force lately, everything from clothes to nails and hair so it was only a matter of time until it hit the wedding scene. It is definitely a daring trend to try, but when you’re looking to draw attention the transition from
wedding white to fierce fuchsia certainly gets the job done.

Paddle balloons add height and a whimsical element to any celebration, think of the photo opportunities!

Color coordinated custom candy bar? Don’t mind if we do! Jars of all shapes and sizes, with an assortment of ribbons and labels help make these sweet treats even more appealing. Not that they needed it!

We were also very excited to show the print accessories we now offer. Our goal is to help our couples from start to finish and really make their vision complete.

Circle die-cut menus fit perfectly in our gold chargers!

We had such a great time at this show and we love any chance we get to show some of the ideas we’ve got cookin’. Lets face it any day you can be surrounded by this much pink is a good day in our book. Hope we inspired you!